Our small, general store is well stocked with a large variety of products. If you forgot something at home, there’s a good chance we will have it! Our store is designed to fit your needs, whether you are camping, fishing, hiking, or just out for a beautiful drive and are in need of something to munch on.

Some of the items we offer:

  • Beer and Wine

  • Block and Cube Ice

  • Cold Beverages

  • Sandwich Fixings

  • Milk and Creamer

  • Tea and Coffee

  • Snacks Galore!

  • Canned Goods and Camp Food

  • Cold, Flu, and Allergy Medicine

  • Bandaids and First Aid Items

  • Toilet Paper and Paper Towels

  • Disposable Drink and Dinnerware

  • Cleaning Supplies

  • Dog Food

  • Backpacking and Camp Equipment

  • Rope and Other Safety Equipment

  • Fishing Tackle and Bait

  • Fishing Poles and Gear

  • Guide Books and Maps

  • Lots of Souvenirs!

  • T-shirts & Sweatshirts

  • Ballcaps & Beanies

  • Gloves & Hiking Socks

  • Headlamps and Flashlights

Hot Showers

We have three rental showers that are open during our store hours. Tokens must be purchased to use the showers and are sold in our store.

  • Each token costs $1.00 and gives you 2 1/2 minutes of shower time.

  • A minimum of two tokens is required to start the timer for the hot water.

Sandra sommer Designs

Sandra sommer Designs


We offer products in our stores made by local artists and creators. Some of the pieces you’ll find in our store are from:

  • Prints and Totes by Lori Michelon

  • Pottery by Frances Cholewa

  • Artist Nancy Overholtz


  • Community Printing

  • Eastern Sierra Wholesalers

  • Gillespie Distribution

  • Snowblind Distributors

  • Mountain Rambler Brewery

  • Great Basin Bakery